A Morbid Taste for Bones
First publication: 1977 - 1989(France)
Prior Robert led some monks to Wales and the native Welshman Cadfael joined them. They had decided to retrieve the bones of Saint Winifred, a young Welshwoman beheaded by a pagan prince and resurrected. During their stay, the leading opponent to moving the grave has been shot dead. This murder raised the tenseness between the villagers and the monks, gone to steal their saint. Holy visions and impossible love are going to enable Cadfael to distinguish himself.


Un Cadavre de trop
First publication: 1979 - 1988(France)
In the summer of 1138, the civil war is raging through England between King Stephen and Empress Maud. King Etienne hung the entire garrison of Shrewsbury castle loyal to the Empress. Cadfael agreed to prepare the corps before the families got them back. But after aligning the bodies, he found and extra victim. He will need a lot of diplomacy to solve this mystery. In this story, you will see the arrival of Hugh Beringar.


Le capuchon du moine
First publication: 1980 - 1989(France)
Cadfael is called to help a guest of the Abbey, suddenly fallen ill. Immediately Cadfael recognised the signs of a poisoning, and the poison used came from his laboratory. Second surprise, he recognised the guest’s wife, his name is Richildis and was a woman that Cadfael loved before becoming a monk. Cadfael will do everything to help Richildis, his son accused of poisoning, and to save the life of his husband.


La foire de Saint-Pierre
First publication: 1981 - 1989(France)
Summer 1139, St. Peter's Fair is a grand, festive event, attracting merchants from across England and beyond. But the body of the dead merchant, found floating in the river Severn, tarnishes the feast. Brother Cadfael offers to help the merchant's lovely niece, Emma. But while he is searching for the killer, the dead man's wares are ransacked and two more men are murdered. Chases in the surrounding area, kidnapping, this story contains all the ingredients of success.


Le Lépreux de Saint-Gilles
First publication: 1981 - 1990(France)
October 1139, preparations of a big marriage between Huon of Domville and Iveta of Massard agitate the life of the abbey, but Cadfael gets worried more for lepers of Saint-Gilles. Since the first evening to the abbey, the wedding present is stolen and a squire of Domville is accused of the theft. Murders, forced marriage, impossible loves, Cadfael is going to take care of the mind before the body to solve this dark mystery.


La Vierge dans la glace
First publication: 1982 - 1990(France)
November 1139, after a pause the civil war makes rage in the county, throwing numerous people on the snow-covered roads. Among refugees, a nun and two young children disappeared between Worcester and Shrewsbury. Cadfael rushes on traces of the three travellers, and on the way he falls on a human shape to the bottom of a frozen stream. Victim of the war or passionate crime, Cadfael goes from surprises to surprises.


Le moineau du sanctuaire
First publication: 1983 - 1990(France)
Spring 1140; all monks are united for Laudes when villager's pack penetrates in the abbey in the pursuit of Liliwin, a minstrel. He is accused of robbery and the murder of the goldsmith of the city during his son's marriage. The next morning, Cadfael yields to the goldsmith's bedhead that is wounded only. Rivalries in the goldsmith's family, rumours, and a maid's love for Liliwin are going to oblige Cadfael to restore the truth.


L'Apprenti du diable
First publication: 1983 - 1990(France)
September 1140, a new novice, Meriet, joined the abbey but his nightmares disturb the other novice’s quietude. The next month, the bishop's messenger arrives in search of a priest messenger in mission and that has pass the night in the manor of the family of Meriet. Worried for the young Meriet, Cadfael is going to lead the investigation in the surrounding countryside, and be going to interrogate himself on reasons that pushed Meriet to go in orders.


La Rançon du mort
First publication: 1984 - 1991(France)
February 1141, Shrewsbury provides to the King Stephen a troop of soldiers to fight in the north. To their return, they announce that a Welsh Lord has made prisoner the sheriff of the county. At same moment a Welsh noble is captured during the attack of the convent of Polesworth. Cadfael is sent to Wales to negotiate an exchange of prisoners. But the sheriff Prestcote dies in the infirmary and the exchange is cancelled. A lot of diplomacy is going to allow Cadfael to satisfy everybody, in this adventure far of the abbey.


Le pèlerin de la haine
First publication: 1984 - 1991(France)
June 1141, the Abbot Radulphus comes back from a meeting with all prelates and Abbots in Winchester where a knight of the empress has been murdered. During this time, monks prepare the transfer of St-Winifred from St-Gilles to the abbey. Pilgrims are numerous to come to attend this event, among them a young handicapped boy, Rhunns and two young men Matthieus and Ciaranns. But are all pilgrims as devout as they pretend it? Cadfael and Saint-Winifred will make the sorting.


Un insondable mystère
First publication: 1985 - 1991(France)
August 1141, two monks, Brothers Humilises and Fidelises, come to look for shelter in the abbey. They escape devastation of the war. But their stay is disturbed by the arrival of a young Lord that wishes to marry the fiancée to whom Humilis Brother renounced to enter in orders. The meeting turns to the tragic. Cadfael is going to solve this enigma while avoiding that the mess doesn't splash the abbey, and while keeping intact a girl's honour.


Les ailes du corbeau
First publication: 1986 - 1992(France)
December 1141, the Abbot Radulphus comes back to the abbey with a priest for a church of the first precinct wall. The priest is finicky on rules of the church, and is not very appreciated by villagers. When he’s found drowned in the pond, all parishioners become suspected. Cadfael and Hugh Beringar are going to lead the investigation.


Une rose pour loyer
First publication: 1986 - 1992(France)
June 1142, it is soon time for monks to pay for the rent of a well-off property. Her owner, Judith Perle heiress of the biggest trade of drapery in city, demands only a white rose every year. So much disinterestedness irritates pretenders to the lady's hand. Some would not shrink for nothing to abolish this symbolic contract and blood flows on the white petals of roses. Hells of the passion or the profit, Brother Cadfael is going to find the right path.


L'ermite de la forêt d"Eyton
First publication: 1987 - 1992(France)
October 1142, once again the war hits, letting a boy of 10 years old only with his grandmother, Dionisia. Although the boy studies in abbey and is under the responsibility of the Abbot Radulphus, Dionisia wants to get him married quickly to extend the family property. A hermit's arrival, Cuthred, triggers a set of strange events in the forest. When the small Richard disappears, the Brother Cadfael leaves to search him.


La confession de frère Haluin
First publication: 1988 - 1992(France)
December 1142, strong falls of snow oblige the monks of the abbey to do some repairs. But conditions are bad, and Brother Haluin falls off the roof made slippery by the snow. Sustaining terrible injuries and sentient his last hour close, Haluin Brother confesses to the Abbot and Brother Cadfael. But he recovers from his injuries and decides to make a pilgrimage to expiate his sins, accompanied by Brother Cadfael. When the truth surfaces, Cadfael will need all his wisdom, and of his shrewdness to unmask the guilty, to alleviate passions and to allow two young people to love themselves.


L'hérétique et son commis
First publication: 1989 - 1993(France)
June 1143, the abbey welcomes a lot of visitors, notably the prelate Gerbert, close to the archbishop of Canterbury, and a squire Olivier that brings back his master's body. But the 'heretical' opinions of the deceased disturb monks. After having drunk too much, Olivier expresses his own opinions and is accused of heresy by the prelate Gerbert. When the violence unleashes itself, Hugh Beringar asks for help to his friend Brother Cadfael, to solve a murder and to investigate on accusations of heresy.


Le champ du potier
First publication: 1989 - 1993(France)
September 1143, abbeys of Shrewsbury and Haughmond exchange two fields. During the tillage, the plough reveals a woman's cadaver. Fields belonged to a potter who has just asked to become monk. He had got married, but his superb wife would have left with her lover. One time again, Cadfael must leave his laboratory to try to put a name on the cadaver and to clarify this crime.


L'été des Danois
First publication: 1991 - 1993(France)
April 1144, Cadfael is pleased to see again Brother Mark. He is sent by the bishop in a diplomatic mission in Wales and takes Cadfael with him. Arrived to the palace of a Welsh bishop, the two monks encounter the court of the local Lord, Owain and start discussions. But the journey will prove to be more eventful, with notably the pillaging Danes attacks. A journey far from Shrewsbury that changes from usual investigations.


Le voleur de Dieu
First publication: 1992 - 1994(France)
December 1144, two groups of visitors arrive in the abbey. The first group is constituted of monks rebuilding an abbey and coming to look for funds and craftsmen of Shrewsbury. The second group is composed of a French minstrel accompanied by his servant and a singer. At the time of a raw of the river Severn, relics of Saint Winifred disappear mysteriously, throwing the doubt on all. Cadfael is going to make everything possible to recover his holy Welshwoman.


Un bénédictin pas ordinaire
First publication: 19xx - 1994(France)
Compilation of 3 novels, the first one shows Cadfael as a soldier and events that leads him to pronounce his vows. The two other novels are some more classic investigations.


First publication: 1994 - 1995(France)
November 1145, a messenger brings to Hugh Beringar a letter containing names of 30 young knights kept prisoner, as well as names of their holder and place of detention. But one of the knights, Olivier of Brittany, lack, no one knows neither his place of captivity nor his holder. To find him, Cadfael is going to nearly give up his monk's vows.
To know reasons that push Cadfael, you will need to read ' A Virgin in the ice '.



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