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By pure hazard, I’ve discovered the story of this detective monk in the Middle Ages. Immediately, the writing and the stories seduced me. Written by the English writer Edith Pargeter (alias Ellis Peter), I searched the net hoping to find many interesting web pages but there is only one or two sites dedicated to Cadfael.

Therefore I decide to create this site, I hope you will find it useful and interesting.

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Brother Cadfael was born in Wales in May 1080; his full name is "Cadfael ap Meilyr ap Dafydd". At 14, he entered the service of a SHREWSBURY wool merchant and remained in town until the death of his master. He fell in love with Richildis Gurney (see ), but he left her to go in the Holy Land, vowing to return to marry her. He was at the fall of Antioch, and settled in the town with the other crusaders. He met Mariam, a young sarazine, their love lasted one year, then Cadfael was forced to left her to participate to the siege of Jerusalem. Finally he returned to England, 26 years had passed, Richildis married someone else and Cadfael wished to change his life. He chose the Benedictine Abbey Saint Pierre and Paul near his homeland as a place of rest and prayer. In the gardens of the monastery, he cultivates some medicinales herbs.



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